Advanced Biomaterials for Medical Applications

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November 2004



Biomaterials science has advanced dramatically in the past 50 years with the increased cooperation between engineers chemists and biologists. Whilst previously biomaterials may have been erroneously thought to encompass dressing materials or implant structures designed to replace damaged or diseased tissue, the range of clinical applications of these materials is immense. Truly "Smart" biomaterials, which have the ability to recognise, respond to and even record their environment, now exist. The presentations in this volume reflect the true inter-disciplinary nature of biomaterials science; with contributions from polymer chemists, engineers, biologists and clinicians. The presentations show the potential of these collaborations and describe how advanced biomaterials have and are being employed not only in theraputic applications, but also increasingly in diagnosis and treatment in medical science.


Designing Polymers For Medical Applications; K.E. Uhrich. Soluble and water-swellable polyaminoacidic constructs for drug delivery; G. Cavallaro, G. Pitarresi, G. Giammona. Poly(butylcyanoacrylate) nanoparticles as potential drug delivery systems; M. Simeonova, M. Antcheva, R. Velichkova. The synthesis and aqueous solution properties of functionalized thermo-responsive poly (d,l-lactide) /polyether block copolymers; A. Porjazoska, P. Dimitrov, I. Dimitrov, C. Novakov, M. Cvetkovska, C.B. Tsvetanov. Advanced polyurethanes for blood contacting applications containing PIME as 'smart' heparin-adsorbing moieties; M.C. Tanzi, P. Petrini, S. Farè. Cytotoxic and immunomodulatory activites of polymer-bound drugs; B. Ríhová, J. Strohalm, J. Prausová, K. Kubácková, M. Jelínková, L. Rozprimová, M. sírová, D. Plocová, T. Etrych, V. subr, T. Mrkvan, M. Kovár, K. Ulbrich. Non-viral gene delivery systems - delivery techniques and therapeutic concepts for cancer; M. Ogris, K. Von Gersdorff, S. Van Der Piepen, S. Brunner, E. Wagner. Catalytic biosensors based on conducting polymers; A. Ramanavicius, A. Malinauskas, A. Ramanaviciene. Affinity sensors based on nano-structured p-p conjugated polymer polypyrrole; A. Ramanaviciene, A. Ramanavicius. Novel materials and systems based on synthetic and natural polymers targeted for use in the biomedical field; N. Manolova, O. Stoilova, D. Paneva, I. Rashkov. NIRS - nondestructive method for analysis of biological materials and diagnosis; R.N. Tsenkova Application of bioencapsulated proteinases and peptides for wound healing; E. Markvicheva, T. Dugina, Ch. Grandfils, M. Lange, K. Stashevskaya, T. Vasilieva, L. Rumsh, S. Strukova. Development and characterisation of porous scaffolds for wound healing applications; T. Doneva, H.B. Yin, P. Stephens, W.R. Bowen, D.W. Thomas. In vitro testing of tissue engineering materials;P. Stephens, R. Cullen, T. Doneva, C. Wright, W.R. Bowen, R. Williams, D.W. Thomas.
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