Exercise Metabolism

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Februar 2006



Exploring metabolic responses and skeletal muscle tissues


Mark Hargreaves is a professor of Physiology at the University of Melbourne and has over twenty years experience in exercise physiology and metabolism and is the author of numerous papers on the subject. Lawrence Spriet is a professor in the Department of Human Biology and Nutritional Sciences at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada.


"This is a timely and thoughtful monograph which will be lucid and enlightening for the student and scientist of exercise metabolism."John Sutton, MD, DSc, FRACP, FRCPC, FACSM, FACSPProfessor, University of Sydney (review of first edition) "This is a much needed book which provides a comprehensive and authoritative review of the biochemistry of exercise. The authors are all recognized leaders in exercise science, and the quality of the chapters is uniformly high. Researchers looking for an up-to-the-minute review, as well as students taking advanced classes in the physiology and biochemistry of exercise will find this an invaluable guide. It will certainly be one of the first books that I turn to when looking for authoritative comment on exercise metabolism. There is no other book currently available that gives a detailed account of the metabolic response to physical exercise."Ron Maughan, PhDProfessor, University of Aberdeen (review of first edition) "Well-written overviews covering a dynamic field. There is a good balance between past and current research findings for the graduate student and researchers in the field of metabolism."Bengt Saltin, MDProfessor, The Copenhagen Muscle Research Centre (review of first edition) "Exercise Metabolism provides a series of chapters that overview the field of exercise biochemistry. This rapidly growing field has amassed an overwhelming amount of new information; Exercise Metabolism provides an up-to-date summary of the most recent findings. As an investigator in the field of human exercise physiology, I feel this book is a valuable addition to my library. It brings together in one text the concepts and theoriesthat define the role of energy exchange during exercise."David Costill, PhD, FACSMProfessor and Director, Human Performance LaboratoryBall State University (review of first edition)
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