My Office Is Killing Me!: The Sick Building Survival Guide

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Bacteria and mold may lurk undetected in carpets or in the heating or cooling system of your office or school. When inhaled, the by-products of these organisms can cause allergy and asthma symptoms. Chemical vapors emitted by office furniture and equipment may also foul the air we breathe indoors, causing headaches, eye irritation, or other symptoms. Here the author of the best-selling My House Is Killing Me! and co-author of The Mold Survival Guide turns his attention to indoor air quality in public buildings. Blending his extensive professional experience with scientific explanations, May helps us see these buildings through the eyes of a building scientist, microscopist, and organic chemist. He offers a step-by-step approach to identifying, controlling, and often eliminating the sources of indoor air pollutants and allergens. Whether it's a case of mold in an elementary school or inadequate ventilation in a high-rise office building, this valuable guide can help people cope when the air they breathe indoors is making them sick.


Jeffrey C. May is a building consultant, indoor air-quality professional, and the principal scientist of May Indoor Air Investigations LLC in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He has conducted indoor environmental investigations in thousands of buildings, including offices, schools, and homes; and he has personally analyzed over 20,000 air and dust samples. Widely published, May frequently lectures nationally about indoor air quality.


Well researched and clearly presented by a recognized expert in the field. -- Dr. Kenneth W. Edwards Real Estate Professional 2006 An interesting read and a good resource for information on indoor air quality... it offers solutions rather than blame. -- Lauren Heine, PhD Chemical and Engineering News 2006 May does a good job of explaining technical information in a simple manner, using instructive photographs... Will be especially useful for libraries emphasizing legal and policy collections. Choice 2007 This book is a non-alarmist, extremely current, review of many now recognized sources of inevitable and not-so-inevitable air quality impairment... this book belongs in your reference library. -- Richard Hughes M.D. News 2007 May's new book on sick buildings offers practical cures for both individuals and those in charge of such properties. Boston Herald 2006 A scientific, practical, and thorough guide to indoor air quality. Environmental Building News 2007 Takes on very complex issues, explains them in a language we can understand, and best of all stresses that sources of indoor air pollution can be identified and removed. Allergy & Asthma Today 2006 This very readable, 317-page book targets the general public and office occupants. -- Janice Camp Respiratory Care 2007 This little book as a lot to offer. -- J. Thomas Pierce, MBBS, PhD Doody's Review Service 2008
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