The Wesleyan Holiness Movement: A Comprehensive Guide

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November 2005



A comprehensive introduction to interdenominational, independent, and denominational associations, churches, schools and workers associated with the National Holiness Association, the Inter-Church Holiness Convention, the Keswick Convention, and the Holiness-Pentecostal movement, with related bibliographies including more than 5,000 items.


Part 1 Editor's Foreword Part 2 Foreword Part 3 Acknowledgments Part 4 Introduction Part 5 Abbreviations Part 6 Part I. Historical Context Part 7 Part II. Authoritative Biography Part 8 Part III. Wesleyan Holiness Movement Chapter 9 1. National Holiness Movement Chapter 10 2. Inter-Church Holiness Movement Part 11 Part IV. Schools Part 12 Part V. Biography Part 13 Index Part 14 About the Author


Charles Edwin Jones has served as librarian, as curator of manuscripts, and as professor of history at Nazarene Theological Seminary, St. Paul School of Theology, Park College, the University of Michigan, Tuskegee Institute, Houghton College, and Brown University. He was given the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Wesleyan Theological Society and the Society for Pentecostal Studies jointly in 2003.


This work, the first of three expanded bibliographic guides based on the 1974 overview, provides researchers with an updated resource on this movement. With this guide, Jones has embarked on a worthwhile project; one that will serve as a benchmark for years to come. This set is recommended for academic libraries, special libraries pertaining to religious studies, and private school libraries. American Reference Books Annual ...outstanding...It is a must for all academic libraries...an indispensable tool... Wesleyan Theological Journal, Vol. 42, No. 2 (Fall 2007) This two-volume set comprises a revision and expansion of parts I, II, V, and VI of A Guide to the Study of the Holiness Movement, which was published in 1974 as the first volume in the American Theological Library Association Bibliography Series. More than a bibliography, this guide references books, churches and organizations, libraries, and places-representing a labor of love accomplished over many years. It is a core reference for scholars of North American Christianity, in particular Wesleyan and Methodist studies and revivalism. Charles Edwin Jones, now a chaplain-in-residence at a nursing center-has worked as a librarian, curator of manuscripts, archival consultant, and professor of history for numerous institutions (among them, the Nazarene Theological Seminary, the U. of Michigan, Tuskegee Institute, Brown University, and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association). Reference and Research Book News
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