The Power of Charm

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Everyone wants to be charming - but most people don't realize just how dramatically charm can improve both their social lives and business relationshipsIn The Power of Charm, personal success expert Brian Tracy gives readers the tools they need to become more captivating and persuasive in any situation. From mastering body language to energising negotiation skills-and everything in between-this powerful book shows how anyone can become more charming, and make their greatest dreams come true.An extremely accessible and affordable new book by Tracy on a personal success topic he has never written on before. Brian's most popular success books, such as Focal Point and Goals, focus on a single simple skill or behaviour. In fact, Eat that Frog is his top seller, and it-like The Power of Charm-is a short, affordable little book...and it has sold, and sold!


Chapter 1 What Is Charm?
Chapter 2 Charm in Action
Chapter 3 What Charm Can Do
Chapter 4 How to Charm Anyone
Chapter 5 The Magic of Listening
Chapter 6 Charming a Woman
Chapter 7 Charming a Man
Chapter 8 Charming from the Inside-Out and Outside-In
Chapter 9 The Power of Attention
Chapter 1 The First Signal: Direct Eye Contact
Chapter 11 The Second Signal: The Flick
Chapter 12 The Third Signal: Head Tilts
Chapter 13 The Fourth Signal: Head Nods
Chapter 14 The Fifth Signal: Whole Body Language
Chapter 15 The Sixth Signal: Body Language to Avoid
Chapter 16 The Seventh Signal: Vocal Reassurances
Chapter 17 The Eighth Signal: Verbal Reassurances
Chapter 18 Practice Being Charming with Friends
Chapter 19 Be Careful with Advice
Chapter 2 The Power of Patient Listening
Chapter 21 Be Quick to Smile and Laugh
Chapter 22 Be Quick to Praise
Chapter 23 Use the ""Act as If"" Principle
Chapter 24 What You Say and How You Say It
Chapter 25 The Look-Aside
Chapter 26 The Art of Speaking Slowly
Chapter 27 The Eloquence of Silence
Chapter 28 Excessive Fillers Are Charm Killers
Chapter 29 Charming People with Your Voice
Chapter 3 Be a Charming Conversationalist
Chapter 31 Steer the Conversation
Chapter 32 Do Your Homework
Chapter 33 Keep the Ball in Their Court
Chapter 34 Don't ""Kill the Ball""
Chapter 35 Get in Step with the Other Person
Chapter 36 Practice Makes Perfect
Chapter 37 Translate Skill into Art
Chapter 38 Now You Have to Do It!
Chapter 39 Roll Out the Charm
Special Bonus Section: The Power of Charm on the Telephone
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"If you are ready to exude 'magnetic attraction and charismatic influence, ' then you need to read The Power of Charm...[the book] is packed with great ideas on how to make your charm -- which everyone has -- work for you." --Advisor Today
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