A Cats: A Century of Tradition

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April 2006



Tells the story of the awe-inspiring wooden catboats unique to the Jersey Shore's Barnegat Bay. This narrative records the comical, sentimental, and often unbelievable stories from the sailors who have raced and cruised the majestic, 50-foot-mast A Cats since the 1920s.


Gary Jobson has raced and won many international sailing championships, including the America's Cup with Ted Turner in 1977 and the infamous Fastnet Race. He is the author of An America's Cup Treasury and Sailing Fundamentals and is editor-at-large of Sailing World and Cruising World. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland Roy Wilkins coaches sailing at Ocean County College and Monmouth University and is a member of the Island Heights Yacht Club. He lives in Island Heights, New Jersey.


"A love song that brings together a host of uniquely personal insights into what makes these challenging catboats...so special." --Stan Grayson, author, "Catboats "and "Cape Cod Catboats"
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