Sex in Space

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Juli 2006



As hoteliers design zero-gravity hotel suites for out-of-this-world unions and with the first honeymoon in space already scheduled, this provocative account reveals the truth about romantic rendezvous in Earth's orbit and beyond as well as the advantages and difficulties of having sex in space. Questions the space agencies are too embarrassed to discuss--such as "Has anyone "done it" in space?" "What will happen to the first baby conceived in space?" and "Have astronauts and cosmonauts practiced "docking maneuvers" while in orbit?"--are thoughtfully answered, while science-fiction myths about interstellar intercourse are dispelled. From chemistry to psychology, this exploration runs the reproductive and sexual gamut, from lust and sexual mechanics to conception, pregnancy, and birth in low-gravity situations.


Introduction; Has Anyone 'Done It' in Space?; How to Make Love in Space; Making Space Babies; Sex on the Brain and Lust in Space; To Infinity and Beyond!; Conclusion: Sex to Settle the Galaxy!


Laura S. Woodmansee is the author of "Women Astronauts" and "Women of Space."
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