Restructuring Eastern Germany

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This yearbook of urban and regional studies provides English language papers on spatial development research on Germany and Central and Eastern Europe for researchers and practitioners outside Germany. Its state-of-the-art research reports spatial development, spatial planning, spatial research, regional policy and sectoral spatial policies these regions. The book will interest those involved with research or teaching in geography, those in regional science and planning, regional economics, political science, and urban and regional sociology.


Preface - Introduction.- Perspectives and Options for Economic Policy in Eastern Germany - With Special Reference to Aspects from the Spatial Sciences.- On the Difficulties involved with the Examination of Complex Policy Agendas.- Regional Disparities in the GDR - Do They Still Matter?.- Equal Living Conditions and their Fiscal Bases.- Interregional Support Policy for East German Regions.- New Spatial Patterns of Population Development as a Factor in Restructuring Eastern Germany.- Strengthening the Human Resource Base in Eastern German Regions.- Strategies for Urban Regeneration - The Transformation of Cities in Northern England and Eastern Germany.- Urban Development with Olympic Games and World Exhibitions - is it Possible to Plan Usage?.- Countries Undergoing Transformation - "New" European Neighbours in Spatial Planning.- Spatial Development Strategies in the New EU Member States: ESPON Project 2.2.2 on Pre-Accession Aid Impact Assessment.- The Knowledge Society and Spatial Development.


From the reviews:
"The present book is the first volume of the new scientific series 'German Annual for Spatial Research and Policy' founded by five German spatial research institutes. This series has two basic goals: to strengthen a scientific network between the involved institutes; and to provide international colleagues with information on ongoing problems and research results within the socially important topic of spatiality." (Ariane Sept, Regional Studies, Vol. 42 (2), 2008)
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