Applied Quantum Mechanics

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Electrical and mechanical engineers, materials scientists and applied physicists will find Levi's uniquely practical explanation of quantum mechanics invaluable. This updated and expanded edition of the bestselling original text now covers quantization of angular momentum and quantum communication, and problems and additional references are included. Using real-world engineering examples to engage the reader, the author makes quantum mechanics accessible and relevant to the engineering student. Numerous illustrations, exercises, worked examples and problems are included; Matlab source codes to support the text are available from www.cambridge.org/9780521860963.


Preface to the second edition; Preface to the first edition; Matlab programs; 1. Introduction; 2. Toward quantum mechanics; 3. Using the Schrodinger wave equation; 4. Electron propagation; 5. Eigenstates and operators; 6. The harmonic oscillator; 7. Fermions and bosons; 8. Time-dependent perturbation; 9. The semiconductor laser; 10. Time-independent perturbation; 11. Angular momentum and the hydrogenic atom; Appendix A. Physical values; Appendix B. Coordinates; Appendix C. Expansions, differentiation, integrals, and mathematical relations; Appendix D. Matrices and determinants; Appendix E. Vector calculus and Maxwell's equations; Appendix F. The Greek alphabet; Index.


Anthony Levi is Professor of Electrical Engineering and of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Southern California.


'This book is focused on teaching engineering and materials scientist students the role of quantum mechanics in many types of electronic devices. It is a great book to learn from because of the author's use of computational tools and practical examples along with engineering insight provided.' IEEE Electronical Insulation Magazine
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