Plant Maintenance Management Set

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Plant asset management is a holistic approach to managing maintenance. Practical, accessible and business centred, these books provide a complete guide to understanding, planning, organising and managing maintenance. Together they cover the needs of any organisation with assets to maintain and manage. World-renowned expert Tony Kelly identifies real-world business aims and delivers a complete methodology for developing maintenance objectives, formulating a maintenance strategy, and designing and implementing maintenance systems that deliver. With full coverage of key techniques including TPM, RCM and CMMP, this is the complete maintenance management resource.
* The most comprehensive guide to all aspects of managing and executing maintenance
* World-renowned author with stand-out ability to cover this huge subject comprehensively and rigorously
* Fully developed for professionals and students, with both theory and practice and cases form ranging from the process industries to customer services systems


Strategic Maintenance Planning, 0750669926 Managing Maintenance Resources, 0750669934 Maintenance Systems & Documentation, 0750669942


Dr. Anthony Kelly is a maintenance consultant of many years' experience. He has carried out more than sixty major maintenance consultancy projects worldwide and over the last fifteen years he has also held industrial or visiting professorships at Central Queensland University (Australia), University of Stellenbosch (South Africa) and Hogskolen I Stavanger (Norway).
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