Interrogating the Real

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Presents collected writings of Slavoj Zizek - one of the world's leading contemporary cultural commentators. Drawing upon a range of his prolific output, the articles here cover psychoanalysis, philosophy and popular culture.


Preface by Slavoj Zizek; 'The Thing Itself' Appears: Introducing the Work of Slavoj Zizek; Part One: Lacanian Orientations;
1. The Society for Theoretical Psychoanalysis in Yugoslavia;
2. Why Lavan is Hegelian;
3. The Most Sublime of Hysterics: Hegel with Lacan;
4. Connections of the Freudian Field to Philosophy and Popular Culture.
5. Lacan between Cultural Studies and Cognitivism; Part Two: Philosophy Traversed by Psychoanalysis;
6. The Limits of the Semiotic Approach to Psychoanalysis;
7. A Hair of the Dog That Bit You;
8. Hegel, Lacan, Deleuze: Three Strange Bedfellows;
9. The Eclipse of Meaning: On Lacan and Deconstruction;
10. The Parallax View; Part Three: The Fantasy of Ideology;
11. Between Symbolic Fiction and Fantasmic Spectre: Towards a Lacanian Theory of Ideology;
12. Beyond Discourse Analysis;
13. Re-visioning 'Lacanian' Social Criticism: The Law and its Obscene Double;
14. Why is Wagner Worth Saving?;
15. The Real of Sexual Difference Glossary.


Slavoj Zizek is one of the world's leading contemporary cultural critics and a prolific author. He is Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and Visiting Professor at the New School for Social Research, New York.


"'The most formidably brilliant exponent of psychoanalysis, indeed of cultural theory in general, to have emerged from Europe in some decades.' Terry Eagleton 'One of the most innovative and exciting contemporary thinkers of the left.' TLS"
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