Childhood and Society: An Introduction to the Sociology of Childhood

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April 2006



This inspiring new book explores a range of sociological approaches to researching the fascinating lives and social worlds of children, and the phenomenon of childhood. In doing so, it reviews competing theoretical positions on childhood discussing issues such as poverty, abuse and rights, as well as ethical issues relating to research with children.


Introduction The Social Meaning of Childhood Childhood and Social Structure Children and Childhood in Late Modernity Childhood in Crisis: Social Disorder and Reconstruction Children, Family and the State: Policing Childhood Theories of Growing Up: Developmentalism and Socialisation Theory Schooling Children Children's Social Worlds - Culture, Play and Technology Researching Children and Childhood: Methods, Ethics and Politics Children: Their Rights and Politics Conclusion Bibliography


MICHAEL WYNESS is Senior Lecturer in Childhood Studies in the Institute Of Education at the University of Warwick, UK. His research interests are schooling, parenting and welfare and he is the author of Schooling, Welfare and Parental Responsibility, 1996 and Contesting Childhood, 1999, both by Falmer Press

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