The James Forest

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November 2005



The James space J and the James tree space JT were constructed as counterexamples to several outstanding conjectures in Banach space theory. This book is a compendium of most of the known results about these spaces, frequently taken from the original sources, but presented in a unified and up-to-date fashion. Generalizations of J and JT are also discussed and other pathological Banach spaces are introduced. Specialists will welcome this book for its drawing together of classical material and recent results. Graduate students should also find that this book offers an excellent introduction to more advanced topics in Banach space theory.


Introduction; 1. Preliminaries; 2. The James space J; 3. The James tree space JT; 4. What else is there about J and JT; 5. Other pathological spaces.


'... the first comprehensive and systematic treatment of the ideas surrounding the Branch spaces J and JT ... it is an invaluable resource within the field for students and experts alike.' Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society ' ... the book will be a very useful reference to anybody who feels that a James-type space may help them to solve one of their problems.' Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society 'For those interested in studying the features of the fascinating James space it is an excellent source of information.' International Mathematical News '... contains a wealth of material for those people who are interested in (geometric) Banach space theory.' J. van Casteren, Niew Archief voor Wiskunde
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