Human Nature: Fact and Fiction

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Presents a collection of various perspectives on human nature by ten leading writers, scientists and academics. This book attempts to bridge the gulf between the sciences and humanities. It is aimed at anyone with a background in either the arts or the sciences and is interested in understanding what defines us as human beings.


Contributors; Foreword, AC Grayling. Acknowledgements; Introduction, Robin Headlam-Wells and Johnjoe McFadden;
Part I: Is human nature written in our genes or in our books?;
1. The biology of fiction, Steven Pinker;
2. Literature, science and human nature, Ian McEwan;
Part II: Can science and literature collaborate to define human nature?;
3. Literature and evolution, Joseph Carroll;
4. Human nature: one for all and all for one?, Gabriel Dover;
Part III: What has biology got to do with the imagination?;
5. The biology of the imagination: how the brain can both play with truth and survive a predator, Simon Baron Cohen;
6. Biology and imagination: The role of culture, Catherine Belsey;
7. The limits of imagination, Rita Carter;
Part IV: Do we need a theory of human nature to tell us how to act?;
8. Human nature or human difference?, Ania Loomba;
9. What science can and cannot tell us about human nature, Kenan Malik;
10. The cat, the chisel, and the grave, Philip Pullman.


Robin Headlam Wells is Professor of English Literature at the University of Roehampton. Johnjoe McFadden is Professor of Molecular Genetics at the University of Surrey.


.".. the book contains many sensitive and sensible little essays."--Sanford Lakoff "Financial Times "
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