Decision Making for Complex Socio-Technical Systems

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Dezember 2005



The long-term governance of radioactive waste continues to be a major complex and unresolved socio-technical issue. Previous technocratic approaches have so far failed. This empirically based study provides a novel approach to complementing technical expertise and economic/political power with stakeholder involvement. Inclusive participation is shown to be an asset that strengthens the processes, enhances robustness and facilitates sustainable decision making, thus adding value for all involved.


Preface. Summary. Introduction. Part I: Overall Issue and Methodology. 1. Setting And Topics At Issue. 2. Objectives And Aim. 3. Research Political Embedding. 4. Issues Under Investigation, Evidence And Validation. Part II: Perspective 'From Below': Risk Perception of The Public. 5. Insights From Risk Perception Research. 6. Risk Perception In Radioactive Waste Issues. Part III: Perspective 'From Above': Decision Processes. 7. Insights From Decision Science. 8. Development Of Decision Making In Technical Systems. 9. Decisions In Radioactive Waste Management. 10. Siting As An Example Of Sub-Optimum Decision-Making. Part IV: Conclusions and Further Development. 11. Patterns Of Arguments In Radioactive Waste Governance. 12. Fundamentals Of A Comparison Of Disposition Options. 13. Proposal For A Concept Of An Overall System Robustness. References. Index.


From the reviews:
"Flüeler provides one of the most extensive bibliographies, which he conveniently organizes into a number of useful categories for those who are conducting research in this area. His extensive experience with how this issue was dealt with in Switzerland over a 50-y period along with examples from a variety of other countries is well documented. ... This text would be valuable for those specialists who are directly involved in dealing with the issue of radioactive waste ... ." (Stewart, Health Physics, Vol. 93 (2), 2007)
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