Thinking about Language: Theories of English

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Thinking About Language considers the ideas underpinning language study, introducing past and current debates on the way that human language works. The book offers a balance between theory and application and provides an accessible introduction to the history of linguistic theory and the variety of theoretical approaches to language study.


Series Preface.- Introduction.- PART 1: INTRODUCING LANGUAGE THEORY.- Theory in Language Study.- Language is....- PART II: APPLYING LANGUAGE THEORY.- How Do Words Work?.- How Does Language Relate to the World?.- Is Language Like a Code?.- How is Language Related to Thought?.- How Does Context Affect Meaning?.- Is Language Logical?.- How Do Children Learn Language?.- A Final Thought: Do Other Animals have Language?.- Bibliography.- Index.


Siobhan Chapman


'The goal of this volume is to provide an introduction to a number of conceptual and philosophical issues surrounding the nature and study of language. The book is wonderfully clear and engaging, and deserves a place in every undergraduate curriculum.' - Geoffrey Poole, School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics, University of Newcastle, UK
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