Radicals, Rhetoric, and the War: The University of Nevada in the Wake of Kent State

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Radicals, Rhetoric, and the War documents the Kent State antiwar protest at the height of the Vietnam era. Informed by thirty years of oral history interviews, the book details perspectives and voices from students, faculty, and administrators.


* Mountains to Climb
* In Black and White
* Rude and Raucous Catcalls
* Gray Matters and Blind Justice
* Conclusion


Brad Lucas is Assistant Professor of English, Texas Christian University.


"The turbulent 70s are now the stuff of history, and mythology. In this book, Brad Lucas shows how history can become myth, and myth history. Examining an almost unknown incident, Lucas uses both oral histories given at the time of the incident and present day interviews with the participants and observers. The result is a clear and even handed presentation of what happened over 35 years ago. That, however, is just the beginning. Lucas goes on to examine the role of rhetoric in shaping not just the course of events as they occurred but in shaping our memory of those events. The result is a fascinating and significant historical study that reveals and examines how we rhetorically construct our lives as they unfold, and how we construct our memories many years later. In the end, Lucas helps us to understand the complex and important role of rhetoric in shaping and remembering events." - William Lutz, Professor of English, Rutgers University 'Today's college students are often puzzled about the causes, goals, and motives of the 'student movement' and numerous protests, some of which turned violent, on college campuses during the 1960s and 1970s. Radicals, Rhetoric, and the War chronicles, explains, and analyzes the complex development and evolution of protest on American campuses, the interplay of causes (equal rights for African American students, student rights, the war in Vietnam, and the counter-culture movement), and the struggle for control of public universities by governors, state legislatures, boards of regents, college presidents, faculty, and students. Untapped oral history tapes at the University of Nevada provide unique insights into a near-violent protest on the Reno campus that mirrored protests throughout the country. Students and others who read this volume will come away with a deeper understanding of the forces that clashed on college campuses and the roles rhetoric played in efforts to gain recognition for causes and to stifle protest and threats to institutional control of America's public universities.' - Charles J. Stewart, Distinguished Professor of Communication, Purdue University 'Lucas has written a model micro history of one major protest demonstration at the Universityity of Nevada, Reno, in the wake of the Cambodian incursion and Kent State shootings in May 1970. Effectively combining rhetorical theory and archival research, Radicals, Rhetoric, andthe Waris a jargon-free analyis that will be of great interest to all students of the 1960s and early 1970s.' - Anthony O. Edmonds, George and Frances Ball Distinguished Professor of History, Ball State University
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