The Philosophy of Chinese Military Culture: Shih Vs. Li

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April 2006



Drawing on ancient texts and modern interpretations, this work explores the foundations for war in China's strategic culture Shih, Li and Tao. The work uses Shih theory to explain the anomalies that continue to perplex Euro-American observers in modern China's uses of force.


Strategy and Culture The Idea of Shih Ancient Chinese Wars The Chinese Civil War The Korean War The Sino-Indian War The Sino-Soviet War The Sino-Vietnamese War Chinese Strategy: Shih Strategy


WILLIAM MOTT teaches International Politics and Political Thought at Emerson College, USA. JAE CHANG KIM is Co-chairman of the Council on Korea-US Security Studies.


"This volume is a vitally important contribution to understanding the impact of cultural factors on Chinese strategic thought and, as such, a necessary antidote to the unfortunate tendency to analyze other militaries through Euro-American conceptions of war and power. It is essential reading for those seeking to comprehend how China's political and military leaders think about, and perhaps even plan for, the use of force in twenty-first-century conflicts. With meticulous research and documentation, the authors trace the development of Chinese strategic culture from the ancient world to the present and assess its implications for Beijing's approach to military modernization and war." - Robert L. Pfaltzgraff, Jr., Tufts University and Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis "Written from within the Asian strategic perspective, General Kim's book provides the first examination of 'Shi' or 'strategic power,' a concept that proved vital in historical battles and remains crucial to the PRC's quest to formulate contemporary military science with unique Chinese characteristics." - Ralph D. Sawyer, author of Seven Military Classics of Ancient China
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