Rethinking Leadership: A Collection of Articles

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Juni 2006



'A seminal collection of work from the foremost scholar of educational leadership of the last half century' - Joseph Murphy, Professor Peabody College at Vanderbilt University

'A powerful collection of articles by North America's foremost authority on moral leadership. A comprehensive, coherent and definitive treatment of all aspects of moral leadership: What it is, how to develop it, how to lead in the learning community, and value - added leadership for the future!' - Michael Fullan, Professor of Policy Studies, University of Toronto

'With Sergiovanni's customary clarity and focus, he reminds us of the vital role that morality, relationships, purpose, and artistic action play in making schools serve kids and community. A great resource for every principal, teacher leader, and system administrator' - Gordon A. Donaldson, Jr., Professor of Education, University of Maine

'When you open Rethinking Leadership, you will enter a treasure trove of revolutionary ideas that will stir your soul-and change your concept of leadership forever' - Stephen P. Gordon, Professor and Co-Director, National Center for School Improvement, Texas State University

In the Second Edition of this revolutionary collection, school leaders are introduced to the craft of moral leadership. Thomas J. Sergiovanni, the leading authority on moral leadership, uncovers how successful leadership practices are often based in values and ideas rather than formal processes. Readers will learn an innovative approach to reframing leadership, while discovering how to build effective learning communities.

Written by the best of the best, this groundbreaking work truly redefines school leadership!


Foreword by Carl Glickman
Prologue: On Rethinking Leadership: A Conversation With Tom Sergiovanni by Ron Brandt
Section 1. Leadership as a Moral Craft
Leadership and Excellence in Schooling
Administering as a Moral Craft
New Sources of Leadership Authority
Leadership as Stewardship
Section 2. The Developmental Stages of Leadership
Adding Value to Leadership Gets Extraordinary Results
Why Transformational Leadership Works and How to Provide It
The Roots of School Leadership
Why We Should Seek Substitutes for Leadership
Section 3. Leading the Learning Community
Changing Our Theory of Schooling
Leadership as a Practice
Getting Practical
The Eight Basic Competencies
Section 4. Value-Added Leadership
The Lifeworld of Leadership
The Virtues of Leadership
Craftsman Leaders Are Critical


Thomas J. Sergiovanni is Lillian Radford Professor of Education at Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas, where he teaches in the school leadership program and in the five-year teacher education program. Sergiovanni received his master's degree from Teachers College, Columbia University, his Doctor of Education degree from the University of Rochester, and honorary degrees from the University of San Diego and State University of New York. Prior to joining the faculty at Trinity, he was on the faculty of education administration at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, for 19 years, and he chaired the department for seven years. A former associate editor of Educational Administration Quarterly, Sergiovanni serves on the editorial boards of Journal of Personnel Evaluation in Education and Catholic Education: A Journal of Inquiry and Practice. Among his recent books are Moral Leadership (1992), Building Community in Schools (1994), Leadership for the Schoolhouse (1996), The Lifeworld of Leadership: Creating Culture, Community, and Personal Meaning in Our Schools (2000), Supervision: A Redefinition (2002), and Strengthening the Heartbeat: Leading and Learning Together in Schools (2005).


"Establishes a framework for a new leadership strategy that is morally based, with the concept of community building at its core. Wonderful and inspiring."
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