Africa Squadron: The U.S. Navy and the Slave Trade, 1842-1861

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A voyage with the U.S. Navy's anti-slavery patrol


List of Maps; Acknowledgments; Introduction; Chapter 1: The Slave Trade Outlawed: 1808-1821; Chapter 2: Sporadic Suppression: U.S. Navy anti-slave trade activities: 1822-1841; Chapter 3: The Scene is Set: Webster-Ashburton and the U.S. Navy: 1840-1842; Chapter 4: Captain Matthew C. Perry and the First Africa Squadron: 1843-1845; Chapter 5: Commodore Skinner, the Fever, and the Notorious Pons: 1845-1846; Chapter 6: Flag Officer Read: The Federal Courts take a Hand: 1846-1847; Chapter 7: Bolton and Cooper and the Nadir of the Squadron: 1847-1849; Chapter 8: The Brazil Squadron and the Slave Trade: 1845-1849; Chapter 9: Commodore Gregory and Lt. Foote Revive the Squadron; Chapter 10: Captain Lavallette: A Lull in the Trade: 1851-1853; Chapter 11: Commodore Mayo and the Constitution's Last Capture: 1853-1855; Chapter 12: Flag Officer Crabbe: Cruising to No Reward: 1855-1857; Chapter 13: Commodore Conover and Commander McBlair: 1857-1859; Chapter 14: Flag Officer Inman and the Great Sea Change: 1859-1861; Appendixes; A U. S. Naval Vessels: 1842; B Vessels Seized; C Medium and Small Steam Vessels Available for Service: 1843-1858; D Secretaries of the Navy: 1842-1861; Notes; Bibliography; Index; About the Author.


DONALD L. CANNEY, a naval historian, is a prolific author whose books include Lincoln's Navy: The Ships, Men, and Organization, 1861-1865. He lives in Bowie, Maryland.

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