Building Bridges: Collaboration Within and Beyond the Academic Library

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Covers various aspects of collaboration in academic libraries. This book describes how to get collaborative projects off the ground and running, and how to manage them for the long-term. It guides you through the technology that they can use to enhance their collaborative efforts. It is suitable for librarians and informational professionals.


Section one - how to collaborate; Why collaborate - describes in detail all the reasons why you would want or need to collaborate; Building foundations for collaboration/creating an environment where collaboration can happen and flourish; Technology tools for collaboration - types of tools for communication and for work sharing; Getting started - how to start and maintain collaborative projects; Evaluation, why and how - keeping you and the project on track; Section two - case studies and plans for action; Among librarians; Collaboration with teaching faculty; Collaboration between peer institutions.


Anne Langley is Co-ordinator of the Science and Engineering Libraries and Head of the Chemistry Library at Duke University, USA and has worked in academic libraries for over 18 years. Edward Gray is the Public Services Librarian for the Biological and Environmental Sciences Library at Duke University. K T L Vaughan is the Librarian for Bioinformatics and Pharmacy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Health Sciences Library, USA.
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