The All New Compendium of Cardmaking Techniques

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Mai 2006



Each section of this inspiring book provides full information about the materials and techniques need for a particular cardmaking craft, followed by step-by-step demonstrations showing how to make beautiful greetings cards. The crafts covered include card and thread, quilling, watercolor, silk ribbon embroidery, beading and using glitter.


Card & Thread; Watercolour Cards; Quilled Cards; Eyelet Cards; Quick Parchment Cards; Silk Ribbon Cards; Beaded Cards; Three-Dimensional Cards; Glitter Cards.


Polly Pinder has written and illustrated a number of books on everything from cake decoration and growing herbs to papermaking and paper crafts. Her illustrations in "Muck and Magic" were commended when that book won the 1993 Sir Peter Kent Conservation Book Prize.
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