Data Complexity in Pattern Recognition

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Automatic pattern recognition has uses in science and engineering, social sciences and finance. This book examines data complexity and its role in shaping theory and techniques across many disciplines, probing strengths and deficiencies of current classification techniques, and the algorithms that drive them. The book offers guidance on choosing pattern recognition classification techniques, and helps the reader set expectations for classification performance.


Theory and Methodology.- Measures of Geometrical Complexity in Classification Problems.- Object Representation, Sample Size, and Data Set Complexity.- Measures of Data and Classifier Complexity and the Training Sample Size.- Linear Separability in Descent Procedures for Linear Classifiers.- Data Complexity, Margin-Based Learning, and Popper's Philosophy of Inductive Learning.- Data Complexity and Evolutionary Learning.- Classifier Domains of Competence in Data Complexity Space.- Data Complexity Issues in Grammatical Inference.- Applications.- Simple Statistics for Complex Feature Spaces.- Polynomial Time Complexity Graph Distance Computation for Web Content Mining.- Data Complexity in Clustering Analysis of Gene Microarray Expression Profiles.- Complexity of Magnetic Resonance Spectrum Classification.- Data Complexity in Tropical Cyclone Positioning and Classification.- Human-Computer Interaction for Complex Pattern Recognition Problems.- Complex Image Recognition and Web Security.
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