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Januar 1992



136 illuminated drawings and an elegant translation of this bestiary from the 13th century.


Lion; lioness; tiger; panther; antelope; pard; unicorn; lynx; gryphon; elephant; beaver; ibex; hyena; bonnacon; ape; satyr; deer; tragelaphus; goat; wild goat; monoceros; bear; leucrota; crocodile; manticore; parander; fox; hare; chameleon; eale; wolf; dog; sheep; wether; lamb; kid; he-goat; sow; boar; bullock ox; buffalo; cow; calf; camel; ass; wild ass; dromedary; horse; mule; badger; cat; mouse; weasel; mole; dormouse; hedgehog; ant; frog; dea; eagle; barnacle; osprey; water-ouzel; coot; vulture; crane; parrot; charadrius; stork; heron; swan; ibis; ostrich; coot; jackdaw; halcyon; phoenix; cinnomolgus; harz bird; hoopoe; pelican; night-owl; screech-owl; sirens; partridge; magpie; sparrowhawk; hawk; bat; nightingale; raven; crow; dove; turtle-dove; swallow; quail; goose; peacock; screech-owl; hoopoe; cock; hen; duck; sparrow; kite; bee; perindens; serpent; dragon; basilisk; viper; asp; scitalis; amphisbaena; idrus; boas; iaculus; siren; seps; dipsa; lizard; salamander; saura; newt; snake; scorpion; horned serpent; worm; fish; whale; serra; dolphin.


The translation is pellucid, and the colourful late-gothic illustrations really delightful. Epic begets epic: stupendous and thought-provoking. FORTEAN TIMESAn invaluable resource for readers and writers who aspire to understand how mediaeval men and women viewed the natural world, both actual and fantastical. HISTORICAL NOVELS REVIEWExcellent translation from the Latin original makes for fascinating reading about beasts, real and imaginary, of the medieval world. The most delightful picture-book about animals you'll ever see. EVENING STANDARDHugely enjoyable, this English version of a 13th-century manuscript in the Bodleian Library offers every kind of beast... The illustrations are gorgeous and well reproduced. INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY
EAN: 9780851157535
ISBN: 085115753X
Untertitel: Being an English Version of the Bodleian Library, Oxford, MS Bodley 764. New ed. 136, 136 colour illustrations, 136 colour. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Boydell & Brewer Ltd
Erscheinungsdatum: Januar 1992
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