Air Pollution: Supplement to Air Pollutants, Their Transformations, Transport, and Effects

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September 1986



Subjects extensively covered include asbestos, carbon dioxide, lead, nuclear accidents, non-ionizing radiation, stratospheric ozone, and visibility. Major topics discussed are: acidic deposition (acid rain); indoor air pollution; long range transport; risk assessment and management; hazardous and toxic substances.This state-of-the-art compilation will facilitate the work of air pollution control agency personnel, air pollution research scientists, and air pollution consultants. It will also be useful to law firms involved in air pollution litigation and to air pollution equipment and instrument manufacturers.


P. Urone, The Pollutants. D.L. Fox, The Transformation of Pollutants. D.B. Turner, The Transport of Pollutants. J.E. Yocom, N.S. Baer, and E. Robinson, Air Pollution Effects on Physical and Economic Systems. W.W. Heck, A.S. Heagle, and D.S. Shriner, Effects on Vegetation: Native, Crops, Forests. M. Havas, Effects of Acidic Deposition on Aquatic Ecosystems. J.R. Goldsmith, Effects on Human Health. Index.


"Access to these volumes, ... together with their predecessors, is essential for the serious student and practitioner in the field of air pollution and its control." --CLEAN AIR (AUSTRALIA)
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