The Genetics Revolution: History, Fears, and Future of a Life-Altering Science

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November 2005



What will our lives be like fifty years from now? What will we know about ourselves as humans, and how will that affect our lives? It's impossible to know the future for certain, but one thing we do know--perhaps nothing will alter our future more than the Genetics Revolution of the past thirty-five years. This book clarifies the history and examines the possible impact of five major areas of genetic research: The Human Genome Project and genetic engineering In vitro fertilization (IVF) and the technology of reproduction The Human Genome Diversity Project, which is studying the variation of the human genome Embryonic stem-cell research Cloning All of these areas of research produce two reactions among the general public--hope for the improvement of people's lives, and fear of science out of control.


Preface; * On the Brink of Altering Life: Recombining DNA Molecules; * Splicing Life: Technological Revolution or Pandora's Box?; * The Book of Life: The Human Genome Project; * Beauty and the Beast: Laboratory Babies: New Biology, New Morality; * The Warnock Report; * Fighting to Save a Gene Pool: The Human Genome Diversity Project: The HGDP Debate; * Threading an Ethical Needle: Stem Cell Research; * A Major Decision; * To Clone or Not to Clone: That is the Question: Reproductive Cloning; * Cloning a Human; * End Notes; * Bibliography.


ROSE M. MORGAN, Ph.D., is Professor Emerita of Biology at Minot State University.


"The one topic that will probably be most useful for high school students is the recounting of the problems involved with the Human Genome Diversity Project. It is a topic in which the available information is sparse, but one that primarily involves sociology and anthropology aid is meaningful without an understanding of DNA sequencing." - VOYA
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