An Education of Value

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An Education of Value is about the problems involved in reforming American schools - in the past and in the decades to come.


Foreword; Preface; Acknowledgments; Part I. Recurring Priorities, Recurring Tensions: 1. The expectations of schooling; 2. New curriculum, old issues; Part II. The Purposes of Schooling: 3. Equality and inequality; 4. Learning and excellence; Part III. Learning and Teaching: 5. Computers and learning; 6. The promise of teaching; 7. Thinking about reform; Notes; Index.


'It is rare to read a book that is so passionate in its commitment to public education and its successes and honest about its troubles. Now that public officials have taken the necessary first steps toward the reform of education, it would do them well to read this intelligent cautionary tale about how to avoid repeating the mistakes that doomed past reform efforts. There are no easy formulas in An Education of Value, and much that is controversial. But it is precisely this sort of provocative and thoughtful analysis, rich with historical insights, that is necessary to stimulate further movement to revitalize public education and ensure both excellence and equity.' Albert Shanker, American Federation of Teachers 'An Education of Value is a well-written, carefully researched reflection on the enduring issues of American education. It belongs on the shelf of anyone who cares about the past, present and future of the nation's educational system. It is thoughtful, provocative, and intelligent; as such, it is a worthy tribute to Stephen Bailey, the fine scholar who began it and inspired its completion.' Diane Ravitch, Columbia University 'An Education of Value adds an important but heretofore missing dimension to the recent literature of school reform in the United States. It is at once critical and optimistic, exposing the complexities of schooling that impede reform and yet focusing attention on the twin goals of quality and equality that have yet to be realized.' George H. Hanford 'More successfully than anything else I have read, this splendid book sets current debates on schooling in a historical context. It has given me a clearer understanding of where we are and how we might move forward.' Helen Featherstone, Harvard Education Letter
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