Civic Republicanism and the Properties of Democracy: A Case Study of Post-Socialist Political Theory

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Taking the revival of civic republicanism as his point of departure, Erik Olsen examines the relationship between property, civic virtue, and democracy in post-socialist political thought. Steering a course between the crass materialism that post-socialists criticize and their own post-materialist perspective, Olsen outlines a theory of democratic stakeholding in which citizens have rights of inhabitation in their commonwealth.


Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Points of Departure Chapter 3 Beyond the Displacement of Property: Towards an Ethical Materialism Chapter 4 Rethinking the Properties of the Situated Self Chapter 5 The Problem of a Commercial Republic in Historical Perspective Chapter 6 Property, Authority, and the Oppositionist Moment of Progressive Modernity Chapter 7 Hannah Arendt and the Disintegration of Property Chapter 8 Conclusion: Towards a Democratic Theory of Property


Erik J. Olsen is associate professor of political science at Seattle University.


Olsen's prose is thick with ideas. Perhaps the chief virtue of this book is that Olsen brings a wealth of knowledge of political theory-both in terms of the major historical figures and the major contemporary figures-to his particular subject matter. Scholars who read this book will be convinced that they are dealing with a serious intellectual. -- Daniel A. Dombrowski, author ofRawls and Religion: The Case for Political Liberalism Civic Republicanism and the Properties of Democracy is a lucid and sophisticated journey in political theory focused on the neglected but vital topic of property and modern democratic theory - and practice. Highly recommended. -- Robert Booth Fowler, University of Wisconsin This book will provide inspiring reading for those scholars and graduate students who are attracted to the civic-republican project, as well as for those who are troubled by its problems. It is an important contribution to the contemporary literature on democratic citizenship, and a noble attempt to validate property as an important and undeservingly neglected political concept. Political Studies Review Olsen effectively and intelligently argues for the reincorporation of property into civic republican and democratic arguments... Highly recommended. CHOICE In his excellent book...Olsen positions himself as a sympathetic critic of civic republicanism with a social democratic intent. Working within the broad terrain of so-called postsocialism, where a left-leaning progressive political agenda (but not traditional socialist political economies) is affirmed, Olsen argues that civic republicans are to have challenged the impoverished account of individual, public, community, self, and civic virtue that is characteristic of modern liberalism...Olsen's is a sophisticated and sustained example of the significant conceptual work that can be done by 'bringing property back in'." Political Theory ...Olsen provides an engagin and sophisticated argument... Social Theory and Practice, January 2008 Democracy and property cohabit uneasily. Erik Olsen brings lucidity, scholary precision, and conscience to the re-assessment of property, the key concept of political economy. Olsen derails the commercialist appropriation of property by restoring a sense of "placeness," the situated personality, and active self-governance to civic republicanism. This is normative political theory at its most creative and insightful. -- Kenneth R. Hoover, author of Economics as Ideology: Keynes, Laski, Hayek and the Creation of Contemporary Politics
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