Caribbean Transnationalism: Migration, Pluralization, and Social Cohesion

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Exploring the old and new forms of transnationalism stemming from the Caribbean, Caribbean Transnationalism challenges present concepts about diaspora, brings into perspective new forms of transnationalism, and offers new perspectives on social cohesion in plural societies.


Chapter 1 Caribbean Transnationalism and Shifting Identities Chapter 2 The Guyanas Revisited: Rethinking a Region Chapter 3 The Modern to the Late-Modern Period in the Caribbean Diaspora Chapter 4 Resistance Among those Displaced to the Caribbean Chapter 5 Regionalisation of Identity in Curacao: Migration and Diaspora Chapter 6 Brazilian Migrant Workers in French Guyana Chapter 7 Transnationalism in Surinam: Brazilian Migrants in Paramaribo Chapter 8 The Mahatma in the Caribbean, With Special Reference to Guyana and Trinidad Chapter 9 July 1: Between Diaspora, (Trans)nationalism and American globalization; A History of Afro-Surinamese Emancipation Day Chapter 10 Maroon Migration and Brazilian Garimpeiros Chapter 11 Transnational Contributions to Identity Construction Chapter 12 Ethnicity and Political Stability in Plural Societies


Ruben Gowricharn is professor of social cohesion and transnational issues, Tilburg University, the Netherlands.


The is one of the most important books on Caribbean transnational migration to appear in years. It covers a diversity of Caribbean migration experiences with a solid conceptual framework. It is a crucial reading for those interested in the fields of Caribbean Studies and international migration. -- Professor Ramon Grosfoguel, University of California at Berkeley ...it offers scholars in the social sciences and the humanities rigorous ethnographies and historical reconstructions that highlight those exceptional phenomena that escape the routinizing models of Caribbean studies. -- Jason Frydman, Dept of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University H-Net: Humanities and Social Science Reviews Online In Caribbean Transnationalism, Ruben Gowricharn brings together a diverse group of scholars and their concerns about crucial aspects and areas of the Caribbean at home and abroad. The collection is a valuable contribution to a growing body of literature on the diverse beginnings of a people and their subsequent dispersal across northern and western Europe and North America, while also making the often neglected links there are to the South American continent. This volume is a must for all who are concerned about the continuing construction of the Caribbean region and the Caribbean's presence in the wider North Atlantic world. -- Harry Goulbourne, Author of Caribbean Transnational Experience
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