What's Wrong with Terrorism?

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April 2006



In this provocative new book, Robert Goodin puts forward the view that terrorism is a deliberate tactic of frightening people for socio-political gain. He contends that terror is not only the weapon of organizations like Al-Qaeda; it also benefits democratic politicians who profit from the anxiety induced by terrorist threats and violence.


Preface. Acknowledgements. 1 Introduction. 2 Terrorism as Unjust War: Killing Innocent Civilians. Three Problems with Just-War Analyses of Terrorism. A Different Sense of 'Innocence'. War Crime, Ordinary Crime or a Special Offence? 3 Terrorism as a Political Tactic: Intending to Instill Fear. What Sort of 'ism' is Terrorism? What Terrorists Want. Fear is the Key. 4 States Can Be Terrorists, Too. The Definitional Ploy. States Terrorizing Other States. States Terrorizing Their own People. Crimes of Complicity. 5 Warnings Can Be Terroristic, Too: Profiting Politically from Fear. Threats & Warnings. Impure Warnings: 'Terrorist Warnings' versus 'Warnings of Terrorism'. Politicians' Intentions Matter, Too. Terrorism as an Aggravated Wrong: is 'Violence' Necessary? Better 'Terrorist Warnings' Than None at All. 6 Warnings Bound to be Misheard How Big a Deal is Terrorism? Calibrating Risks. Mechanisms of Misperception. Mass-mediated Terrorism. Risks of Really Mass Destruction. Imprudent Precautions. 7 Terrorizing Democracy Terrorism as a Political Wrong. Fearlessness as a response. Hobbesian Solution to Non-hobbesian Problems. Of Tyrants & Terrorists. 8 Conclusions. Notes. Reference. Index.


Robert Goodin is Professor of Social and Political Theory at the Australian National University.


"This book is an indispensable guide to anyone seriously interested in how to think about the complex question of terrorism. It exposes subtle and blatant biases that characterize much contemporary discussion of the subject and offers a judicious, closely argued, and ultimately the only realistic response to terrorism." -Professor Lord Bhikhu Parekh, University of Westminster
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