Bronx Accent: A Literary and Pictorial History of the Borough

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März 2006



Aiming to capture the Zeitgeist of the neighborhood through the eyes of its writers, this comprehensive book includes selections from the writings of Jack Kerouac, Mark Twain, James Baldwin, James Fenimore Cooper, Tom Wolfe, Herman Wouk, and others. It contains vintage photographs and postcard views that bring the writings to life.


Lloyd Ultan is the author of six books, including The Beautiful Bronx, 1930-1950 and The Bronx in the Innocent Years: 1890-1925. He is a professor of history at Fairleigh Dickinson University and has been appointed the Bronx Borough Historian. Barbara Unger is a poet, author, and retired professor of English and creative writing at The State University of New York at Rockland. She is the author of a book of short fiction plus five poetry collections and is working on a novel.


"Like some ingenious choral arrangement, the book contains scores of voices recounting, in fact and fiction, how life was lived in the Bronx from colonial times to the end of the twentieth century." - The New York Observer"
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