Contesting the Crusades

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In this book Norman Housley, one of the most distinguished historians of the medieval period, provides an introduction to the complex history of crusading.
Steers readers through the key debates in this popular area of medieval history. Draws on the author's 30 years' experience of crusading scholarship. Issues addressed range from the definition of 'crusade', through the motivation and intentions of the crusaders, to the consequences of the crusades for European society


Preface. Abbreviations. Acknowledgements. Chronology. 1. Defining the Crusade. 2. The Origins and Character of the First Crusade. 3. The Development of Crusading in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries. 4. The Intentions and Motivations of Crusaders. 5. Crusading Outside the Latin East in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries. 6. Crusading After 1291. 7. Consequences: The Effect of the Crusades on the Development of Europe and on Relations Between Catholic Christianity and other Faiths. Index


Norman Housley is Professor of History at the University of Leicester. His previous publications include The Italian Crusades, 1254-1343 (1982), The Later Crusades: From Lyons to Alcazar 1274-1580 (1992), and Religious Warfare in Europe, 1400-1536 (2002).

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