Tomorrow's Cities, Tomorrow's Suburbs:

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While cities ruled the first half of the twentieth century, the second half belonged to the suburbs. "Tomorrow's Cities, Tomorrow's Suburbs" answers the question of which will dominate in the twenty-first century. William H. Lucy and David L. Phillips assess the contemporary struggle between urban hubs and suburban outposts, documenting the signs of resurgence in cities and the omens of suburban decline. Using clues about the life cycles of cities and suburbs, from changing income rates to perceptions of crime, "Tomorrow's Cities, Tomorrow's Suburbs" punctures myths about the relative health of cities and suburbs; offers insights into the influence of housing, racial segregation, immigration, and poverty on population changes in cities and suburbs; and examines popular perceptions--and misperceptions--about cities and suburbs that similarly affect settlement patterns. Suggesting that urban decline can be halted and even reversed, "Tomorrow's Cities, Tomorrow's Suburbs" offers practical suggestions for local planners, officials, and citizens as they work to create an environment in which "both" cities and suburbs thrive.


Part 1 Themes and Policy Approaches 1. Is the Past Prologue for Change? 2. Too Little Housing in Policy Critiques Part 2 Cities and Suburbs: Trends and Interpretations 3. Exaggerating City Population Decline 4. Housing and Cities' Prospects 5. Scoping Suburban Decline 6. Discovering Poor Suburbs 7. Do Middle-Aged Suburbs Need to Reinvent Themselves? 8. Discovering Virtues of Old Neighborhoods Part 3 Beliefs and Places 9. Linking Patterns, Beliefs, and Policies 10. The Cul-de-Sac Safety Myth: Housing Markets and Settlement Patterns 11. The Myth of Exurban Safety and Rational Location Decisions 12. The Past and Future of Small House Neighborhoods 13. Can Local Policies Make a Difference? 14. Prospects for Stability and Revival


William H. Lucy is professor of urban and environmental planning at the University of Virginia. David L. Phillips is associate professor of urban and environmental planning at the University of Virginia. Both authors are members of the American Institute of Certified Planners.


"One of the main purposes of "Tomorrow's Cities, Tomorrow's Suburbs" is to challenge the popular beliefs that have encouraged conventional suburban development. This they do quite well. . . . Lucy and Phillips possess an impressively comprehensive understanding of trends affecting metropolitan development, and they appreciate many things that new urbanists value: mixed uses, mixed incomes, walkable neighborhoods, access to transit among them. This combination makes "Tomorrow's Cities, Tomorrow's Suburbs" an excellent planning resource."--Philip Langdon"New Urban News" (10/01/2006)
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