FDI in Retail Sector: India: A Report by Icrier and Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India

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April 2006



This survey-based study analyzes the current retail marketplace in India, investigating current and projected growth across different segments of retail and evaluating the impact of foreign-direct investment (FDI), which is currently not allowed in India. India's retail sector is positioned to transform from mostly small, family-owned businesses to large-scale chain retail, and many international brands are investigating how to enter India's retail market. The study of the structural, regulatory, fiscal, and other barriers affecting the performance of retail trade suggests reforms for the removal of such barriers and provides a time frame in which the Indian government can open its retail sector to FDI and the conditions that may be imposed on foreign retailers if FDI is allowed.


Foreword; Acknowledgement; List of Tables, Figures and Boxes; Acronyms; Executive Summary; Introduction; 1. Global Developments in Retailing; Statistical Information; Organised Retailing and Expansion of Global Retailers; FDI in Retailing and its Impact; Market Entry Strategies of Foreign Players; Barriers to International Expansion; 2. Retailing in India: Recent Trends and Developments; Introduction; Growth of Organised Retailing; Future Growth of Organised Retailing; 3. Survey Methodology; Purpose of the Survey; Design of Survey Instruments; Selection of Respondents; 4. Survey Findings: Sectoral Analysis; Introduction; Food and Grocery; Textiles and Apparel; Consumer Durables; Music and Books; Specialty Products; Fast Food Chains; Non-Store Formats; Shopping Malls; Fuel Retailing; Conclusion; 5. Foreign Direct Investment Policy and the Entry Routes; Introduction; Government Policy; Entry Routes of Foreign Players; Conclusion. 6. Perceptions, Concerns and Likely Impact; Introduction; Perception of Foreign Players about the Indian Market; Arguments by those Opposed to FDI in Retailing; Arguments by those Favouring FDI in Retailing; Conclusion; 7. Multilateral Liberalisation: Negotiating Strategies in Retailing; Introduction; GATS Framework; Analysis of Uruguay Round Commitments; Developments Since the Uruguay Round; Doha Round; Possible Negotiating Strategies; 8. Constraints and Reform Requirements; Introduction; Domestic Constraints; Reforms and Suggestions; 9. What Should be the Opening Up Strategy; Appendix: Some Sample Questions; References.
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