Emergency Sex (and Other Desperate Measures)

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Mai 2006



Set in the world's most hostile war zones, this is the powerful and utterly unforettable memoir of three UN workers' struggle to make a difference.


Heidi Postlewait, Kenneth Cain & Andrew Thomson served in peacekeeping operations throughout the 90s. All are now based in New York.


"* 'For decades, television has been looking for another, more modern M.A.S.H., the comedy series set in an American army field hospital that drew the sting from death and war. Maybe this book is it. In these True Stories from a War Zone, it's the early 1990s and three young, good-looking civilians working for the UN and the Red Cross first meet in Cambodia... These three voices from the world's front line are personal, these three characters from global ground zero are fallible; their youth and idealism, faults and failures, and triumphs and tears, all work to humanise recent history and bring it home for a reckoning' - The Times * '...vividly told, this book is all the more engaging because its perspective is personal before it is political' - Daily Mail"
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Untertitel: True Stories from a War Zone. Sprache: Englisch.
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