New Directions and Applications in Control Theory

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August 2005



This volume contains a collection of papers in control theory and applications presented at a conference in honor of Clyde Martin on the occasion of his 60th birthday, held in Lubbock, Texas, November 14-15, 2003.


From the contents: An Efficient QR algorithm for a Hessenberg Submatrix of a Unitary Matrix.- Quantum subRiemannian dynamics.- A Homotopy Continuation Solution of the Covariance Extension Equation.- Set-point boundary control for a viscous Burgers equation.- Semi-tensor Product of Matrices and its Applications to Dynamic Systems.- From Empirical Data to Multi-Modal Control Procedures.- Durable Goods and the Distribution of Wealth.- Endomorphisms of Hopf algebras and a little bit of control.- Conditioned invariant subspaces and the geometry of nilpotent matrices.- Local Robustness of Hyperbolic Limit Cycles.- Low Codimension Control Singularities for Single Input Nonlinear Systems.- Ellipsoidal Techniques for Hybrid Dynamics: the Reachability Problem.- Controlling the Shape of a Muscular Hydrostat: A tongue or tentacle.- A Coordinate-Free Approach to Tracking for Simple Mechanical Systems On Lie Groups.- Efficient Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Communication Networks using Optimal Dynamic Flows.


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