Polymer Composites

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The use of polymer composites in various engineering applications has become state of the art. This multi-author volume provides a useful summary of updated knowledge on polymer composites in general, practically integrating experimental studies, theoretical analyses and computational modeling at different scales, i. e. , from nano- to macroscale. Detailed consideration is given to four major areas: structure and properties of polymer nanocomposites, characterization and modeling, processing and application of macrocomposites, and mechanical performance of macrocomposites. The idea to organize this volume arose from a very impressive workshop - The First International Workshop on Polymers and Composites at IVW Kaiserslautern: Invited Humboldt-Fellows and Distinguished Scientists, which was held on May 22-24,2003 at the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany. The contributing authors were invited to incorporate updated knowledge and developments into their individual chapters within a year after the workshop, which finally led to these excellent contributions. The success of this workshop was mainly sponsored by the German Alexander von Humboldt Foundation through a Sofia Kovalevskaja Award Program, financed by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research within the "Investment in the Future Program" of the German Government. In 2001, the Humboldt Foundation launched this new award program in order to offer outstanding young researchers throughout the world an opportunity to establish their own work-groups and to develop innovative research concepts virtually in Germany. One of the editors, Z.


Nano-Composites: Structure and Properties. Carbon nanotube reinforced polymers: a state of the art review.
Application of non-layered nanoparticles in polymer modification.
Reinforcement of thermosetting polymers by the incorporation of micro- and nanoparticles.
Polyimides reinforced with the sol-gel derived organosilicon nanophase: synthesis and structure-property relationships.
Layered silicate/rubber nanocomposites via latex and solution intercalations.
Property improvements of an epoxy resin by nanosilica particle reinforcement.
Special Characterization Methods and Modelling. Micro-scratch testing and FE contact and debonding analysis of polymer composites.
Determination of interface strength of polymer-polymer joints by a curved interface tensile test.
Manufacturing and characterization of microfibrillar reinforced composites from different polymer blends.
Tribological characteristics of micro- and nanoparticle reinforced polymer composites.
Macro-Composites: Processing and Application. Production of thermoplastic towpregs and towpreg-based composites.
Manufacturing of tailored reinforcements for LCM processes.
De-consolidation and re-consolidation of thermoplastic composites during processing.
LFT composites in automotive applications.
Mechanical Performance of Macro-Composites. Deformation mechanisms of knitted fabric composites.
Impact damage in composite laminates.
Discontinuous basalt fiber reinforced hybrid composites.
Accelerated testing methodology for durability of polymer composites.
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From the reviews:
"Polymer composites have been around a long time and are extensively used in many types of applications ranging from floor tiles to stealth aircraft. ... This book is an edited volume that addresses a broad range of topics in this field ... . There are 18 chapters emanating mainly from European laboratories and others in the eastern hemisphere. ... It will be a valuable addition to the library of any group actively developing composite materials." (Donald R. Paul, Materials Today, Vol. 10 (1-2), January-February, 2007)
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