Presenting and Representing Environments

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November 2005



The presentation and representation of the environment occurs throughout academia and across all news media. The strict protocols of science often clash with environmental information available from sources that dwell on subjective aesthetic, emotional and personal sensitivities. This book challenge the reader, as student, teacher, researcher or policy maker, to reflect critically on the ways that environments are studied, interpreted, presented and represented, in education and public policy.


Acknowledgements. List of contributors.
1: Cross-disciplines, Cross-cultures: the Environment as Social Construction, Graham Humphrys, Michael Williams.
2: Environmentalism qua Environmental Non-Government Organisations and the Contested Remapping of British Columbia's Forests, Roger Hayter.
3: Re-Negotiating Science in Protected Areas: Grizzly Bear Conservation in the Southwest Yukon, Douglas Clark, D. Scott Slocombe.
4: The Moorlands of England and Wales: Histories and Narratives, Ian G. Simmons.
5: Exploration Literature and the Canadian Environment: From Way-Finding to Ways of Representation and Reading, Wayne K.D. Davies.
6: Changing Public Participation and the Environment of Swansea East, Graham Humphrys.
7: Sustaining Local Riverine Environments: the River Valleys Committee in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Dianne Draper.
8: A Picnic in March: Media Coverage of Climate Change and Public Opinion in the United Kingdom, Tammy Speers.
9: Challenging the Negative Critique of Landscape, Robert A. Newell.
10: Threatened Environments, Atrophying Cultures, Lacklustre Policies, Colin H. Williams.
11: Sustaining Arctic Visions, Values and Ecosystems: Writing Inuit Identity, Reading Inuit Art in Cape Dorset, Nunavut, Nancy C. Doubleday.
12: Cultivating a New Cattle Culture: Lifelong Learning and Pasture Land Management, Ian Maclachlan, Nancy G. Bateman, Thomas R.R. Johnston.
13: Environmental Education and Lifelong Learning: Awareness to Action, Michael Williams.
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