Righteous Indignation: Religion and the Populist Revolution

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April 2006



Righteous Indignation uncovers what motivated conservative, mostly middle-class southern farmers to revolt against the Democratic Party by embracing the radical, even revolutionary biracial politics of the People's Party in the 1890s. While other historians of Populism have looked to economics, changing markets, or various ideals to explain this phenomenon, in Righteous Indignation, Joe Creech posits evangelical religion as the motive force behind the shift. This illuminating study shows how Populists wove their political and economic reforms into a grand cosmic narrative pitting the forces of God and democracy against those of Satan and tyranny, and energizing their movement with a sacred sense of urgency. This book also unpacks the southern Protestants' complicated approach to political and economic questions, as well as addressing broader issues about protest movements, race relations, and the American South.


"This remarkably sensible, incredibly well-researched, and innovative ground-breaker should become a classic. Creech's work is a model of how to think about religion in its cultural, political, and social contexts while explaining its effect upon them. Anyone interested in religion, American culture, or the South will welcome this fine book."
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