Windows Forms 2005 Programming in C

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Any Windows programmer using .NET will need to deal with Windows Forms, also known as WinForms. And use of .NET among Windows programmers continues to grow at a rapid pace. The bestselling book on WinForms 1.X, and by far the best reviewed one, was Chris Sells' book. Chris and his coauthor, Mike Weinhardt, have updated it completely for the just released WinForms 2.0. The first edition was so successful in fact that there will be much less competition for this new edition. It is almost twice as long, reflecting the increased complexity of WinForms 2.0 and the number of changes made. It is also much more timely, coming out just a few months after the release of the product; it should be the first book on WinForms 2.0 tested completely against the final release code, not just the Beta 2 code. Given the amount of changes in WinForms 2.0, people who have already purchased the first edition will want the new edition, not just programmers just starting with .NET. So all in all, this book should sell even better than the very successful first edition did.


About the Authors xxv Foreword xxvii Preface xxxi Chapter 1 Hello, Windows Forms 1 Chapter 2 Forms 41 Chapter 3 Dialogs 99 Chapter 4 Layout 137 Chapter 5 Drawing Basics 179 Chapter 6 Drawing Text 231 Chapter 7 Advanced Drawing 265 Chapter 8 Printing 291 Chapter 9 Components 327 Chapter 10 Controls 353 Chapter 11 Design-Time Integration: The Properties Window 399 Chapter 12 Design-Time Integration: Designers and Smart Tags 453 Chapter 13 Resources 505 Chapter 14 Applications 549 Chapter 15 Settings 579 Chapter 16 Data Binding Basics 629 Chapter 17 Applied Data Binding 681 Chapter 18 Multithreaded User Interfaces 737 Chapter 19 ClickOnce Deployment 775 Appendix A What's New in Windows Forms 2.0 829 Appendix C Delegates and Events 867 Appendix D Component and Control Survey 881 Appendix E Drag and Drop 901 Appendix F Document Management 927 Bibliography 957 Index 961


Chris Sells is a program manager for the Connected Systems Division. He's written several books, including Programming Windows Presentation Foundation (O'Reilly), Windows Forms Programming in C# (Addison-Wesley), and ATL Internals (Addison-Wesley). In his free time, Chris hosts various conferences and makes a pest of himself on Microsoft internal product team discussion lists. More information about Chris-and his various projects-is available at www.sellsbrothers.com. Michael Weinhardt is a programmer/writer at Microsoft, working on the Windows Client SDK. Michael has coauthored a variety of articles with Chris, contributed to the "Wonders of Windows Forms" column at MSDN Online, reviewed several Windows technology books, and generally loves communicating the whys and wherefores of technology to his peers. Michael is sure that his parents attribute his fascination in technology to their purchase of an Amiga 1000 in the mid-80s. They would be right.
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