Understanding Urban Policy: A Critical Introduction

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November 2006



This extensive review of urban policy explores the interaction of urban policy with changing perspectives on urban life and social welfare.
An extensive review of urban policy since the 1960s.
Examines a broad range of issues, such as race, economic regeneration and competitiveness, managing dangerous places, community and managerialism.
The theme-based structure provides a new and innovative approach to the subject.
Written in a clear, accessible style with pedagogic features to appeal to students from a range of disciplines.


1. What is Urban Policy?. 2. Exploring the Roots: 'Race', Disorder, and Poverty. 3. Managerialism and the City. 4. The Meaning(s) of Community. 5. Managing Disorderly Places. 6. Competitiveness, the Market and Urban Entrepreneurialism. 7. Taking the Cultural Turn. 8. Neo-liberalism and the Globalisation of Urban Policy. 9. Reshaping Welfare, Re-imagining Urban Policy. References. Index


Allan Cochrane is Professor of Public Policy at the The Open University. His previous publications include Comparing Welfare States (editor, second edition, 2000), Rethinking the Region (1998), and A Global World? Reordering Political Space (editor, 1995).


"An immensely enjoyable book, bringing a valuable historical perspective to bear and written in a critical but lucid style... it will challenge and enlighten its readers." Paul Burton, University of Bristol
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