Pessimism of the Intellect?: A History of the New Left Review

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März 2007



This concise history of the "New Left Review" covers its political and intellectual development from 1962 to the present including attempts to develop socialist politics through the Labour party of Harold Wilson, new Marxist theory, the Cold War years, and the era of contemporary capitalist globalization. Surveying the achievements of the" New Left Review, "this book tells the tale of the respectable academic reputation it has won, but also reveals its failure to achieve its primary goal of finding a strategy for a transition to socialism.


1. The Two New Lefts: The frustration of the first New Left - The emergence of a 'new' New Left - The Nairn-Anderson Theses - Labourism and Socialism - Wilsonism and the Prospects for 'Structural Reform' - International Perspectives - Contrasting the Two New Lefts; 2. The Moment of 1968: The Return of the Repressed - 'Combat Bourgeols Ideas' - A Revolutionary Politics; 3. Revolutionary Expectations: Considerations on Western Communism - The State and Revolution in the West - Silences and Criticisms - The Two New Lefts, or Edward Thompson and Perry Anderson: reprise; 4. From Rethinking to Retrenchment: A 'Crisis of Marxism'? - The riddle of the Sphinx - Reanchorage - Crisis and Retrenchment; 5. The End of History? The Cold War and the Second World - The Fall in the East - The 'conjuncture of 1989' - The Penalties of Olympianism: Critical Reflections and Concluding Thoughts. Notes, Bibliography, Index.


Duncan Thompson has been published in Socialist History, and works with the Red Green study group.

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