A Companion to 19th-Century America

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"A Companion to 19th-Century America" is an authoritative overview of current historiographical developments and major themes in the history of nineteenth-century America. Twenty-seven scholars, all specialists in their own thematic areas, examine the key debates and historiography. A thematic and chronological organization brings together the major time periods, politics, the Civil War, economy, and social and cultural history of the nineteenth century. Written with the general reader in mind, each essay surveys the historical research, the emerging concerns, and assesses the future direction of scholarship.


List of Contributors. Introduction: William Barney (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). Part I: Politics and Public Life:. 1. Early National Politics and Power: 1800-1824: Robert M. S. McDonald (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). 2. The Jacksonian Era: 1825-1860: Jonathon Atkins (Berry College). 3. The Sectionalization of Politics: 1845-1860: John Ashworth (University of Hull). 4. Civil War and Reconstruction: Vernon Burton (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign). 5. The Guilded Age: 1878-1900: Robert W. Cherney (San Francisco State) and William Barney (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). 6. American Law in the Nineteenth Century: John E. Semonche (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). Part II: Foreign Relations:. 7. American Expansion: 1800-1867: John M. Belohlavek (University of South Florida). 8. The Global Emergence of the United States: 1867-1900: Eric Rauchway (University of Nevada at Reno). Part III: The Economy and Class Formations:. 9. The Emergence of a Market Economy before 1860: Stanley L. Engerman (University of Rochester) and Robert E. Gallman (University of North Carolina). 10. Industrialization and the Rise of Corporations: 1860-1900: David B. Sicilia (University of Maryland at College Park). 11. Immigration: Nora Faires (University of Michigan). 12. Urbanization: Timothy J. Gilfoyle (Loyola University of Chicago). 13. The Development of the Working Classes: Kevin Kenny (University of Texas at Austin). 14. The Evolution of the Middle Class: Cindy S. Aron (University of Virginia). Part IV: Race, Ethnicity, and Gender:. 15. African Americans: Donald R. Wright (SUNY, College at Cortland). 16. Native-American History: Michael D. Green (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) and Theda Perdue (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). 17. Gender and the Changing Roles of Women: Laura F. Edwards (University of California at Los Angeles). Part V: Regional Perspectives:. 18. The South: From Old to New: Stephen W. Berry (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). 19. The Middle West: Andrew R.L. Cayton (Miami University). 20. The Regional West: Molly P. Rozum (University of North Carolina). Part VI: Culture and Ideas:. 21. The Communications Revolution and Popular Culture: David Hochfelder (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). 22. Interpreting American Religion: Catherine A. Brekus (University of Chicago). 23. Science and Technology: Alan I. Marcus (Iowa State University). 24. A History/Historiography of Representations of America: Barbara Groseclose (Ohio State University). Index.


William L. Barney is Professor of American History at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has specialized in the history of the United States in the nineteenth century, especially the Civil War period, and is the author of The Road to Secession (1972), Flawed Victory: A New Perception of the Civil War (1975), and co-edited The American Journey: A History of the United States (1997). In 1987 he was a Fulbright Professor at the University of Genoa in Italy and served as Bowman and Gordon Gray Professor at the University of North Carolina from 1990 to 1993.


"This volume proves that examining previous interpretations is an important task that can be thought-provoking and creative. The result is a group of compelling essays that highlight existing scholarship while providing a glimpse of avenues for future interpretation. A commendable characteristic of these essays is the decision to focus on the most relevant questions and scholarship. The essays are all concisely written ... .The exhaustive bibliography will provide ample source material for readers intrigued by a particular topic or essay. For students and scholars who seek to expand or refresh their knowledge of important scholarship, this volume shows that with the right approach, historiography can indeed be both savory and beneficial." (Journal of Southern History, November 2008) "This series marks a major milestone in historiography and has no comparable, contemporary counterpart... The writing is jargon free, straightforward, and accessible to the scholar and sophisticated student as well as the general reader." (History: Reviews of New Books) "The volume fulfils its mission admirably: teachers will get their students up to speed by recommending chapters...They will also find many essays a ready means of enrichment and updating." (Journal of American Studies)
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