Roads to Glory: Late Imperial Russia and the Turkish Straits

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Mai 2006



Until now, it has been accepted that the Turkish Straits--the Russian fleet's gateway to the Mediterranean--were a key factor in shaping Russian policy in the years leading to World War I. Control of the Straits had always been accepted as the major priority of Imperial Russia's foreign policy. In this powerfully argued revisionist history, Ronald Bobroff exposes the true Russian concern before the outbreak of war: the containment of German aggression. Based on extensive new research, Bobroff provides fascinating new insights into Russia's state development before the revolution, examining the policies and personal correspondence of its policy makers. And through his detailed examination of the rivalries and alliances of the Triple Entente, he sheds new light on European diplomacy at the beginning of the twentieth century.


Ronald Bobroff is Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of History, Wake Forest University, North Carolina.


"'[Bobroff's] organization is tight, his writing crisp, and his source base massive, thorough, and meticulously documented. His book is an excellent addition to the literature on early twentieth-century Russian foerign policy'. David M. Goldfrank, Georgetown University, American Historical Review"
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