Ionic Soft Matter: Modern Trends in Theory and Applications

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Dezember 2005



Recently there have been profound developments in the understanding and interpretation of liquids and soft matter centered on constituents with sho- range interactions. Ionic soft matter is a class of conventional condensed soft matter with prevailing contribution from electrostatics and, therefore, can be subject to possible long-range correlations among the components of the - terial and in many cases crucially affecting its physical properties. Among the most popular representatives of such a class of materials are natural and synthetic saline environments, like aqueous and non-aqueous electrolyte - lutions and molten salts as well as variety of polyelectrolytes and colloidal suspensions. Equally well known are biological systems of proteins. All these systems are examples of soft matter strongly in?uenced, if not dominated, by long-range forces. For more than half of century the classical theories by Debye and Hückel as well as by Derjaguin, Landau, Verwey and Owerbeek (DLVO) have been at the basis of theoretical physical chemistry and chemical engineering. The substantial progress in material science during last few decades as well as the advent of new instrumentation and computational techniques made it apparent that in many cases the classical theories break down. New types of interactions (e.g. hydrodynamic, entropic) have been discovered and a number of questions have arisen from theoretical and experimental studies. Many of these questions still do not have de?nite answers.


Dedication.- Preface.-
Field theoretical approach for ionic systems; D. di Caprio, J. Stafiej.- Induced charge computation method; D. Boda et al.-
Concept of ion association in the theory of electrolyte solutions; M. Holovko.-
Towards the role of the range of intermolecular interactions; I. Nezbeda , J. Kolafa.-
Collective dynamics in ionic fluids; I. Mryglod et al.-
Criticality of ionic liquids in solution; W. Schroer.-
Liquid/vapor criticality in Coulombic and related fluids; P.J. Camp et al.-
Macroions in solution; V. Vlachy et al.-
Anomalous small-angle X-ray scattering in rod-like polyelectrolytes; M. Ballauff.-
Macroions under confinement; A.D. Trokhymchuk.-
Grain interaction and ordering in a dusty plasmas; O. Bystrenko.-
Dipolar fluid inclusions in charged matrices; M.J. Fernaud, E. Lomba .-
Solute ions at ice/water interface; A.D.J. Haymet et al.-
Proton transport in polymer electrolyte fuel cell membranes; E. Spohr.-
DNA saline solutions near surfaces; B.M. Pettit.-
Charge transport in highly-radioactive substance; O. Zhydkov.-
Participants.- Index.-
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