String Theory: From Gauge Interactions to Cosmology

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Dezember 2005



String Theory is our current best candidate for the unification of all fundamental forces, including gravity, in a consistent quantum framework. In this collection of lectures delivered at the Cargèse Summer School "String Theory: from Gauge Interactions to Cosmology'', world leading experts provide an up-to-date survey of the latest developments in this topic, including the gauge/gravity correspondence, superstring cosmology and cosmic strings, topological string theory and matrix models, physics beyond the standard model and the landscape of vacua of string theory, conformal field theory and critical phenomena in statistical mechanics. Many more topics are also discussed in shorter contributions by School participants. Written with an emphasis on pedagogy, this volume will be a invaluable resource to students and experts alike.


Preface.- Lectures I.
Beyond The Standard Models Of Particle Physics And Cosmology; N. Arkhani-Hamed.-
Strings In A Landscape; T. Banks.-
Quantization Of Holomorphic Forms And N = 1 Supersymmetry On Special Manifolds; L. Baulieu.-
Loewner Chains; M. Bauer And D. Bernard.-
Theory Of Cosmological Perturbations And Applications To Superstring Cosmology; R.H. Brandenberger.-
Towards A Topological G2 String; J. De Boer et al.-
Topological Strings, Matrix Models And Integrable Hierarchies; R. Dijkgraaf.-
On The ADS3 x S3 x S3 x S1 Background; S. Elitzur.-
Challenges Of Matrix Models; A. Morozov.-
Phenomenology Of Neutrino Oscillations; L.B. Okun.-
Topological Strings, Large N Duality, And Black Holes; H. Ooguri.-
Closed Strings In Misner Space: A Toy Model For A Big Bounce? B. Durin And B. Pioline.-
Phenomenological Guide To Physics Beyond The Standard Model; S. Pokorski.-
Introduction To Cosmic F- And D-Strings; J. Polchinski.-
Long Time Scales And Eternal Black Holes; J.L.F. Barbon And E. Rabinovici.-
Semiclassical Strings And ADS/CFT; A. Tseytlin.-
II Seminars:
Baryogenesis With Large Extra Dimensions; K. Benakli.-
Braneworld Cosmology Almost Without Branes; G. Calcagni.-
Chaotic Cascades For D-Branes On Singularities; S. Franco et al.-
N = 1 Gauge Theory Effective Superpotentials; B. Gripaios.-
Gromov-Witten Theory And Automorphic Forms; D. Grunberg.-
Black Hole Instabilities And Phase Transitions; S. Hartnoll.-
Probing Singularities; V.E. Hubeny.-
Inflation Unloaded; M. Kleban.-
D-Brane Effecive Actions; P. Koerber.-
ADS2 x S2 As An Exact Heterotic String Background; D. Orlando.-
Strings And D-Branes In Holographic Backgrounds; D. Israel and A. Pakman.-
Cosmic Censorship In ADS/CFT; M. Rangamani.-
Topics In Black Hole Production; V.S.Rychkov.-
Towards The Exact Dilatation Operator Of N= 4 Super Yang-Mills Theory; A.V. Ryzhov.-
Moduli Trapping And String Gas Cosmology; S. Watson.-
Stringy Geometry: Generalized Complex Structure ; M. Zabzine.-
Integrability Of Superconformal Field Theory ANI SUSY N=1 KDV; A.M. Zeitlin.-
List Of Speakers.- List Of Participants.
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