Green-Function Theory of Chemisorption

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Prefaces are like speeches before the c- tain; they make even the most self-forgetful performers seem self-conscious. - William Allen Neilson The study of phenomena and processes at the phase boundaries of m- ter is the realm of the surface scientist. The tools of his trade are drawn from across the spectrum of the various scienti?c disciplines. It is therefore interesting that, in investigating the properties of such boundaries, the s- facist must transcend the interdisciplinary boundaries between the subjects themselves. In this respect, he harkens back to the days of renaissance man, when knowledge knew no boundaries, and was pursued simply for its own sake, in the spirit of enlightenment. Chemisorption is a gas-solid interface problem, involving the inter- tion of a gas atom with a solid surface via a charge-transfer process, during which a chemical bond is formed. Because of its importance in such areas as catalysis and electronic-device fabrication, the subject of chemisorption is of interest to a wide range of surfacists in physics, chemistry, materials science, as well as chemical and electronic engineering. As a result, a vast lite- ture has been created, though, despite this situation, there is a surprising scarcity of books on the subject. Moreover, those that are available tend to be experimentally oriented, such as, Chemisorption: An Experimental - proach (Wedler 1976). On the theoretical side, The Chemisorption Bond (Clark 1974) provides a good introduction, but is limited in not describing the more advanced techniques presently in use.


George Green (1793-1841).
Molecular-Orbital Picture: Adatom substrate interaction.
Adbond Character.
Resolvent Technique: Projection Operators.-Perturbation Formulation.
Chemisorptionon Cyclic Crystal.
Dyson-Equation Approach: Dyson Equation.
Density of States.
Chemisorption on monatomic substrate.
Anderson-Newns-Grimley Model: Second Quantization Formalism.
ANG Hamiltonian.
Hartee-Fock Treatment.
Oxygen on III-V Semiconductors.
Supported-Metal Catalysts.
Metal-support Greenian.
Substrate surface Green Function.
Chemisorption properties.
H-Ni/ZnO system.
Disordered Binary Alloys:Coherent- Potential Approximation.
Alloy Surface Green Function.
Adatom Green function.
Chemisorption properties.
H-Cu/Ni and H-Au/Pt systems.
Electrified Substrates: Wannier-Stark Ladders.
Recursive-Green-Function Treatment.
H-Ti and H-Cr Systems.
Indirect Adatom Interations: Adatom Green Function.
Chemisorption Functions.-Self consistency and Charge Transfer.-Change in Density of States.
Chemisorption and Interaction Energies.
2H Systems.

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