Environmental Role of Wetlands in Headwaters

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April 2006



Internationally, the wetlands of headwater and upland regions provide many valuable environmental services. This book moves towards a more comprehensive inventory of the benefits and costs of headwater wetlands. It evaluates the research that tries to understand the tolerances, exchanges, checks and balances within headwater landscapes and the downstream impacts of changes in wetlands. It employs case studies and reviews from 21 nations spanning Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. It explores the new policy frameworks, changes in land husbandry, new systems for community education, participatory processes and technological interventions required for the effective management of headwater wetlands and the full integration of wetlands (including newly constructed wetlands) into environmental management and planning. In the past, most research dealt with wetlands as isolated features, this book examines wetlands in their watershed management context.


Preface.- eadwater Wetlands; J. Krecek, M. Haigh.- Mapping Wetlands in European Headwater Areas; M.L. Paracchini, J.V. Vogt.- The Role of Forest on the Hydrology of Headwater Wetlands; Y. Fukushima.- Role of Grassland Ecosystems in Protection of Forested Wetlands; J. Krecek et al.- The Effect of Peat Land Drainage and Afforestation of Runoff Dynamics: Consequences on Floods in the Glomma River; E. Beheim.- Impact of Herbaceous Vegetation on Recovery of a Harvested Headwater Catchment; J. Novakova, J. Krecek.- Leaching of Nitrogen from Upland Forest-Regeneration Sites into Wetland Areas; E. Kubin.- Hydrology of Disturbed Peat-Land, Heads of the Valleys, Wales; M. Haigh, M.P. Kilmartin.- Estimation of Water Budget in the Forested Peatlands of Western Ireland; R. Chandran et al.- Role of the Planktonic Communities in the Regulation and Indication of Eutrofication Processes in Shallow Mountain Wetlands; I. Traykov et al.- New Wetland Formation in Subsidence Hollows of Western Donbass, Ukraine; I.M. Loza, N.N. Nazarenko.- Integrating Wetlands into Watershed Management: Effectiveness of Constructed Wetlands to Reduce Impacts from Urban Stormwater; J. Brydon et al.- Disasters and Climate Change - Their Relation to Wetland Headwaters; A. Hocevar et al.- The Alleghe Lake (Dolomites, Italy): Environmental Role and Sediment Management; L. Marchi et al.- Alpine Wetlands from Ecological Network to Land Based Risk Prevention: The Case of Pian Di Spagna, Italy; A. Valentinelli.- Headwater Resources and Headwater Hazards - The Perspective of Environmental Education. Case Study Galtür, Austria; A.M. Hama et al.- Hydrology of Wetlands in the Headwaters of Great African Rivers; J. Balek.- Headwater Wetlands in Eastern and Southern Africa. The Evolving Debate; A. Wood.- Economic Contribution of Headwater Wetlands. Experience from western Ethiopia; A. Wood.- The Lake Kinneret Drainage Basin: Headwater Discharges, Hydrology and Nutrient Dynamics in the Hula Valley Wetland; M.Gophen.- Environmental Change in Headwater Peat Wetlands, UK; M. Haigh.- Environmental Problems of Headwater Wetlands in Hungary; A. Kertesz et al.- Headwater Wetlands in the Czech Republic; J. Krecek.- Analysis of the Water Balance of Small Páramo Catchments in South Ecuador; W. Buytaert et al.- Summary Reports: Wetlands in Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Belarus and Canada; S. Markova et al.- Headwater and Wetland Protection: The Italian Legal Framework; A. Valentinelli.- Next Generation of Watershed Management Programmes: Objectives and Expected Results; M. Achouri.- Conclusion - Wetlands in Context; M. Haigh and J. Krecek.- List of Contributors. Participants. Index.
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