Reactive Transport in Soil and Groundwater

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September 2005



In this book, the authors focus on the improvement of the scientific base for the development of environmental risk indicators measured by the presence of pollutants in water and porous media. In pursuit of a correct and complete numerical approach, they deliver insight into the understanding of integrated process, and also of modeling capabilities.


The unsaturated zone - a neglected component of nature.- Use of stable isotope analysis to assess biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons in the unsaturated zone. Laboratory studies, field studies, and mathematical simulations.- A model assessing bioavailability of persistent organic pollutants in soil.- Geochemical changes under variably saturated conditions during artificial recharge via ponded infiltration - A field study.- Transport of Cr(VI), Ni(II) and Mn(II) through metallurgical wastes. Batch and column experiments.- Modeling adsorption-desorption processes of Cu on montmorillonite and the effect of competitive adsorption with a cationic pesticide.- NMR spectroscopy: a tool to study interactions between organic pollutants and soil components?.- Incorporating geomicrobial processes in reactive transport models of subsurface environments.- Consequences of Different Kinetic Approaches for Simulation of Microbial Degradation on Contaminant Plume Development.- Natural Attenuation in the unsaturated zone and shallow groundwater: coupled modeling of vapor phase diffusion, biogeochemical processes and transport across the capillary fringe.- Enhancement of solute spreading in soils due to particle-facilitated transport and preferential flow.- Multiphase and Multi-component Interactions through the Unsaturated Saturated Zone Field and Model Study.- Solute contaminant transport in variably saturated dual-porosity/dual permeability chalk: field tracer experiments and modelling.- Integration of pedotransfer functions and topographical data to obtain soil hydraulic properties at catchment scale.- Analytical Model for Gravity-Driven Drainage.- Hydrogeophysical characterization of subsurface solute transport at the Krauthausen test site: experiments and numerical modelling.- Tracer Experiments on Field Scale for Parameter Estimation to calibrate Numerical Transport Models.- Biogeochemical modeling of reactive transport applied to laboratory and field studies on jet-fuel contamination.- Assessing the potential for natural or enhanced in-situ bioremediation at a TCE-contaminated site by coupling process analysis and modeling.- Partial source treatment by in-situ technologies - a review of limits, advantages and challenges.


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