High-Speed Heterostructure Devices: From Device Concepts to Circuit Modeling

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High-Speed Heterostructure Devices describes modern high-speed semiconductor devices intended for both graduate students and practicing engineers. The book details the underlying physics of heterostructures as well as some of the most recent techniques for modeling and simulating these devices. The emphasis is on heterostructure devices of the immediate future such as the MODFET, HBT and RTD. The authors also introduce the operating principles of other devices, including the Bloch Oscillator, RITD, Gunn diode, quantum cascade laser and SOI and LD MOSFETs. The book comes with a complete set of homework problems and a web link to MATLAB programs.


Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. Heterostructure materials; 2. Semiclassical theory of heterostructures; 3. Quantum theory of heterostructures; 4. Quantum heterostructure devices; 5. Scattering processes in heterostructures; 6. Scattering-assisted tunneling; 7. Frequency response of quantum devices from DC to infrared; 8. Charge control of the two-dimensional electron gas; 9. High electric field transport; 10. I-V model of the MODFET; 11. Small-and large-signal AC models for the long-channel MODFET; 12. Small-and large-signal AC models for the short-channel MODFET; 13. DC and microwave electrothermal modeling of FETs; 14. Analytical DC analysis of short-gate MODFETs; 15. Small signal AC analysis of the short-gate velocity-saturated MODFET; 16. Gate resistance and the Schottky-barrier interface; 17. MODFET high-frequency performance; 18. Modeling high-performance HBTs; 19. Practical high-frequency HBTs; Index.


"...the book is clear and easy to use. The material is presented in an engaging manner and the reader is guided expertly through the territory of heterostructure devices. Apart from its intended use as a book for graduate students, it will be sought after by researchers and engineers, as it presents research material which is disseminated throughout the research literature and has never before been presented together in a book." Current Engineering Practice
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